Just in case it helps someone else, we've finally managed to understand why
we needed to call clearInput() on rc1 after changing its model object, with
help from this previous post
Alexander, Igor)

1. When selecting 'no' and submitting the form without providing a value to
rc1, the required validation prevents form submission. An empty string
remains as rc1's rawinput as that's the last user inputted value.
2. When selecting 'yes', an ajax updating behavior fires on the yes/no
radiochoice. Rc1's rawInput remains empty.
3. In the behavior's onUpdate(), we set rc1's model object by means of only
modifying the backing entity (it had a propertymodel). This is the key
point, we weren't aware that rc1#setModelObject() would clear input
automatically by calling modelChanged().
4. At render time, rc1#getValue() got the empty input that the last form
submission left, and using that one to set the selected option.

Oh, my, I've been thinking this whole time that setModelObject() was
equivalent to doing getModel().setObject(). Have to say maybe fooled by
setModelObject()'s javadoc 'Sets the backing model object; shorthand for


2011/1/26 Igor Vaynberg <igor.vaynb...@gmail.com>

> clearinput() is a good way to deal with it, but the component should
> still set no_raw_input if it is submitted in a disabled state. please
> file a jira issue, preferably with a quickstart.
> -igor
> On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 3:05 AM, Xavier López <xavil...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've got a form with a required radiochoice to select among some options.
> > I've also got a yes/no radiochoice that selects a given option on rc1 and
> > disables it when 'yes' is selected. When 'no' is selected, rc1 is set to
> > enabled and its model object is cleared.
> >
> > The enabling/disabling of rc1 and its modelobject set is done in the
> > onUpdate() method of an AjaxFormChoiceComponentUpdatingBehavior on the
> > yes/no radiochoice.
> >
> > It's working fine, except in the following situation: 'no' is selected
> and
> > rc1 has no value set. Then the required validation prevents the form
> > submission. After that, if I select 'yes' on the yes/no radiochoice, it
> > enables rc1 and sets its model object successfully, but, to my surprise,
> the
> > <input type="radio"> has no value selected when rendering the HTML.
> >
> > After debbuging through rc1#onComponentTagBody(), I've found that
> getValue()
> > returns null, because rawInput is null (and not NO_RAW_INPUT), that's why
> > there's no radio selected. I suspect rawInput is null because of last
> > submitting rc1 with no value selected (when the required validation
> fails).
> > I managed to get around this by calling rc1.clearInput() on the ajax
> > behavior.
> >
> > Just want to know if i'm right about these thoughts, because I feel
> > something wrong here, and if calling clearInput() is a good way of
> dealing
> > with this.
> >
> > Thank you for your feedback!
> > Xavier
> >
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