I have created a custom zip text field that validates against several country 
formats, i.e. US and Canada.  I have created specific country converters and 
validators that are utilized by this custom zip field.

In my test scenario, I have a valid US address displayed.  

I then change the country that has a AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior which 
sends back the zip and state fields.  Note: zip field has a model reference of 
the country value which determines which validator/converter to use.

I change the zip to be a valid Canadian zip (A#A #A#) and submit the changes.

In my debug statements, I see the new value is parsed and validated with no 
error detected.

But what is interesting, the previous US zip value is also being validated 
causes an unexpected.

Where did this zip value come from?  Did I forget to change/refresh a 

Any help is much appreciated.

- Doug

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