I have two forms in my app. One is behaving correct, one not. So I
assume I did something bad, but I cannot find my failure - maybe one
of you guys had a similar problem in the past. I am using 1.5 trunk

In my apps init method i mounted some pages/packages:

mountPackage("app", HomePage.class);
mountPackage("app/feedback", FeedbackPage.class);
mountPackage("app/login", LoginPage.class);
mountPackage("app", TestPage.class);

After the mount, LoginPage can be accessed at:
similar to all other pages.

In my LoginPage is a a form included: LoginForm. On submit it sets
"HelloPage.class" as response like this:

if (session.signIn(getUsername(), getPassword())) {
            if (!continueToOriginalDestination()) {

However, whenever I successfully sign on, I reach the TestPage BUT my
links change to:


I should mention that these links are generated in a parent page, from
which all my other pages extend.

In my other form it works perfectly. It has the same package structure
and looks pretty similar to login. It just sends an e-mail instead of
setting a user object to the session.

Any ideas why I could loos my mounting?

My links are generated in the parents page like this:

BookmarkablePageLink<ParentPage> home = new
BookmarkablePageLink<ParentPage>("home", HomePage.class);

Thanks in advance,

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