Just out of curiosity, are you using a theme with your wicket-tree? Meaning
new WicketTree(...,new WindowsTheme());... Pretty sure this is the
wicket-tree from wicket-stuff project.

You can just look at their css and write your own, I am not sure why this is
not working at all... have you tried using firefox debug to see if the css
changes you want will have the component look the way you want. Maybe they
are being applied but due to css there is a bug with your browser or css
code in the bigger scheme of things?

I am just curious so we can narrow down the issue. Btw, with the wicket-tree
code being open source you can always add a method to tack on to its
onComponentTag of the WicketTree component itself....

just write:
   String addition = "";
   public void addToComponentTag(String...){addition = ...;}
   public void onComponentTag(ComponentTag tag){...}

Personally not the way I would want to do it, but if your getting fed up it
is feasible, at least as a way to check if the css would work etc....


mlabs wrote:
> well i'm beginning to get the impression that this particular tree isn't
> intended for re-use .. and grepping around here I see that others have run
> into this little chestnut too.. and that there is a better tree to use now
> .. the LinkTree ? Ok so I tried that and no problems with sizing .. much
> better.. so I guess the wicket examples are just out of date with respect
> to trees..?
> just noticed that link selection highlight doesn't work properly with this
> tree  
> *sigh*
> are there any working tree examples out there?

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