My cursory inspection of Broadleaf suggests that it cleanly separates into four (five) main parts: broadleaf-profile, broadleaf-framework, broadleaf-profile-web, broadleaf-framework-web, (broadleaf-core).

I think you could write a wicket fronted to it, by linking to the profile and ecommerce jars. That said, the lack of documentation would mean reverse-engineering the -web parts.

On 1/30/2011 12:36 AM, msj121 wrote:

I know that there were talks of a Wicket Cart on the forum that never
materialized. I looked at Apache OFBiz, BroadLeaf, Konakart etc... I ran
their examples. I was curious if anyone knew of a pure backend JEE solution
for e-commerce, so that integrating the business logic might be well
documented regardless of the front end.

OfBiz has too much compared to what I need at the moment.

BroadLeaf seems somewhat complicated as it is geared to JSP pages seemingly
and there is little documentation available (I have attempted to go through
source code, but I am not further then I was when I started). I like Wicket
not JSPs. Though it seems like it would be a fine solution otherwise, though
it extensively uses Spring and I don't, but probably not a big deal.

Konakart is simply not open.... Though there is a "Ted" who has commented
and put some insight into how to get the code running in Wicket. Have others
used this framework? Thoughts?

I guess I am a little bit lost with all the options and I am not having much
luck in regard to searches or understanding these other frameworks in regard
to getting them into Wicket.

Has anyone had insight into these frameworks and Wicket? Any advice? Better
frameworks to try?

Thank you in advance.

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