If you make the change below in StatelessWebRequestCodingStrategy the
component should be found in the page.  It's a copy from
BookmarkableListenerInterfaceRequestTarget#processEvents.  Jolira noted this
might be needed in their comments.

private static Component getComponent(final Page page, final String
componentPath) {
                final String pageRelativeComponentPath =
Strings.afterFirstPathComponent(componentPath, PATH_SEPARATOR);
                 Component component = page.get(pageRelativeComponentPath);

                if(component == null) {
                        component = page.get(pageRelativeComponentPath);
                        // See {@link
                        // We make have to try to look for the component twice, 
if we hit the
                        // same condition.
                        if (component == null) {
                                throw new WicketRuntimeException("unable to 
find component with path " +
pageRelativeComponentPath + " on stateless page " + page
                                                + " it could be that the 
component is inside a repeater make your
component return false in getStatelessHint()");

                return component;

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