this is more about how you guys working with wicket rather then a bug or
something. and as Im relativelly new to wicket maybe you can help me out.

I created panels that can be extended ie.

   <header>my header</header>
      <input type="text" />

usually I style the component in "offline" mode (without running the server)
so I need to add some additional markup to mock it, plus I set wicket to
strip wicket tags and override onComponentTag to set name of the tag (let
say section) so it look like.

<section class="custom-component-class">
<wicket:panel><!-- this will go away -->
   <header>my header</header>
      <input type="text" />

so now the problem is that

   1. I cannot use css selector like section.custom-component-class > header
   or I need to comment the wicket:panel tag on time I style component
   2. wicket:child is not recognized as valid html tag so I cannot add style
   to it ie. display:none
   3. surrounding wicket:child element with some html tag makes no sens

why wicket tags couldnt be attributes so any valid html could have attribute
like wicket:behavior="panel" or type="child" or something like that

I know that this is not a big issue. probably designer should create html +
css styles first and then developer turn it into the working code but with
time things like that are annoying,

so how do you work with such problems?

Paweł Kamiński


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