I am pleased to announce the release of wicketstuff-core- the first 
point release on the current stable wicket 1.4.17 version.

The project artifacts are now available through the central maven repository.

Development on the next 1.4.x release takes place on the core-1.4.x
branch: https://github.com/wicketstuff/core/tree/core-1.4.x

Issues can be reported here: https://github.com/wicketstuff/core/issues

The Project Wiki is available here (and includes instructions on how to access 
the project artifacts using maven):

The release tag is here:

Commits since 1.4.17:

seb (5 commits):
      wicket-shiro, wicket-minis: (license header, serialVersionUID, javadoc)
      ServerHostNameAndTimeFilter backport
      Merge branch 'refs/heads/core-1.4.x' of 
ssh://g...@github.com/wicketstuff/core.git into HEAD
      updated change log
      minis: code cleanup

cretzel (3 commits):
      [console] fixing build dependencies
      [console] fixing hibernate driver class
      [console] remove java 6 dependencies

Michael O'Cleirigh (3 commits):
      datatable-autocomplete: add styling and selection capabilities.
      datatable-autocomplete: add highlight selected row capability.

Nick Wiedenbrueck (3 commits):
      [console] backport to core-1.4.x
      [console] removed onInitilize for extension
      Merge branch 'core-1.4.x' into console-1.4.x

Inaiat Henrique (2 commits): added the mootools meiomask module.
      [meiomask] mootools meiomask wicket 1.4x
      [meiomask] added mootols meiomask module to pom

lambdadaku (1 commit): Additions to the gmap2 project
      Added multiple controls and map types (adapted to latest google maps)
      - controls: 3d Zoom Control, hierarchical, navlabel, and overview map
      - map types: physical, aerial, and aerial 3d

Isammoc (1 commit):
      Merged pull request #25 from lambdadaku/core-1.4.x.

The full change set can be see using: git log

I will plan on doing the next release within one month from today.  Let
me know if you would like a new release sooner (like if you need some new 
feature for your work release which can't have snapshot artifacts).



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