We have an interesting situation here. We have a Wicket page which we
deliver to our web designer. The web designer uses this page as a
template to build many pages and on each page may or may not choose to
add a non-wicket form. Our webapp should collect the names and values
submitted from this form and store them in a CSV file.

So, the question is how to provide the web designer the flexibility of
adding a random form and being able to collect this form submission
data on the back-end?

One idea that I am currently working on is this.
1. Add an empty Wicket form to the the wicket template page;
2. Provide submitCustomForm() JavaScript method that web designer will
call from his custom form's "action";
3. In submitCustomForm() we can:
    3.1 either change the custom form's "action" to point to Wicket
form's action and submit custom form.
    3.2. or somehow copy form elements from custom form to wicket form
and submit wicket form.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.



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