Keep in mind that with Wicket you are on the server side and on this side the file you are uploading simply doesn't exist on file system (so ther's no absolute path). With class FileUpload you can copy this file on your server (with method writeTo( file) ) OR you can simply read file from client via Java InputStream calling getInputStream(). So you should retrive this input stream and pass it to your parser.

Another issue with the FileUpload,

When I try to retrieve the specified filename with getClientFileName(), I
only get the name of the file, without the absolute path. So I can't
construct a object with just the filename. How do I get the
full path?

In the example at ,
they're using an "UploadFolder" but I don't have an Upload Folder, I'm not
uploading a file to the server.

I just need to get the full path of the specified file so I can create a
File object. Then, I need to parse the File. Thanks again

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