FeedbackPanel is just a panel implementing IFeedback interface and
presenting messages in session. You can write a completely different
panel implementing IFeedback with custom presentation. It is nothing

On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 4:59 PM, eugenebalt <> wrote:
> I have a FeedbackPanel in my form that displays errors.
> Rather than a regular FeedbackPanel that lists <LI> items, this one is a
> 2-level hierarchy which uses Definition Lists (DD/DT tags).
> Example from ,
> <DL>
>  <DT>Category 1</DT>
>   <DD>Item 1</DD>
>   <DD>Item 2</DD>
>  </DT>
> </DL>
> Does the FeedbackPanel support categorized, hierarchical lists like that?
> Does anything special need to be done? If there is an error, I'd have to add
> it to the FeedbackPanel based on its DT category.
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