I created a patch in order to replace ModalWindow's window-closing behavior 
with a custom IBehavior implementation. The .patch file and a quickstart 
project are included in the JIRA issue:


Could someone who is a committer to wicket-extensions please review this patch, 
and push it into the next minor wicket release?

The code for the next major release of our project relies on this patch. 
Currently we are maintaining our own local copy of ModalWindow.java; I would 
like to eliminate this maintenance burden from our project, and let others 
benefit from the change.

The change is small and backwards-compatible, and I'm confident that it's 
solid. If you see any issues with it, please let me know.

Thanks, guys,

Programmer Analyst Professional
Mission Solutions Engineering, LLC

| russell.morri...@missionse.com | www.missionse.com
304 West Route 38, Moorestown, NJ 08057-3212

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