Our wicket application has the following scenario:

-) save myValue in the session
-) redirect the user to an external page (using getRequestCycle().setRequestTarget()) -) the external pages redirects back to our webapp after the user entered some data
-) read myValue from the session and do something based on myValue

It all works just fine in Firefox, but not in Chrome. Using Chrome myValue is null when the user returns to the our wicket page again. My first guess was that a new session must have been created or that myValue was never set. I debugged through the code and the session id is exactly the same ... myValue has also been set before the user got redirected.

I don't quite get how Chrome and Firefox would behave differently when it comes to saving values into the wicket session. Or how leaving the webpage and returning to it 1 minute later would suddenly result in a different kind of session.

Any hints?


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