Hi All.. 

Newbie need guide , I just registered and this is my first post. 

I am facing problem about creating a facebook like notification.
Like if your friend tag someone in your photos, there will be a 
notification appeared on your facebook page. 

My problem actually, I can't manage the user session/application state. 
I have successfully presented my feedback message into jGrowl like here

The real scenario is : 
There are 2 role of user in my application, a user and a supervisor.
When the user create something via a form, a notification appeared on 
the supervisor page lively. 

My question is how I can trigger the notification (which is a 
feedback message) appears on the supervisor page. Where I have to put my
code, override some method in wicket application class? 

I am sorry if there is a similar question like mine before. 


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