Solved the problem. My assumption about the RequestListenerInterface was
wrong. What i am doing now:

In my page i prevent Browser Caching:
protected void configureResponse() {
               WebResponse response = getWebRequestCycle().getWebResponse();
                     "no-cache, max-age=0,must-revalidate, no-store");

The problem was located in my DataProvider:
public int size() {
                //That solved my problem:
                if(technicalInfoRepository.countAllEntities() == 0)
                        technicalInfoRepository.load("", null, null, null, 
                return filteringStrategy.getFiltered(
                                new LinkedList 

When i clicked on the back-button my Repository was empty. No i am loading
the repository again if its size is null.

By the way: 
I am using the InMemoryRepositories of the sourceforge project "domian". I
am using this kind of repository because my Application solely uses Web
Services as its data source. In order to get a good compromise between
caching and the number of web service calls i'm saving a reference to the
repositories in the DataProvider or in the Page (Panel, Component, 
whatever). Whenever possible i use a transient reference (but that wasn't
the problem in this case). So this is just a thin cache for user specific

For data that is reusable for all users i use ehcache. 

If you've got any suggestions on alternative approaches i would really
appreciate that.

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