I have exactly the same problem, though i use an xml file for the translations. Any help out there?

On 08/23/2011 02:09 PM, Alexandros Karypidis wrote:

I have written a locale selector by extending DropDownChoice (you can see the essential stuff of the implementation below). The problem is that when the user changes the locale, the page needs to be re-rendered using the newly selected locale. This does NOT happen. Instead, only the "<select>" input box seems to be refreshed to use the new locale, whereas the rest of the page content is still rendered using the previously selected locale. However, the locale has been changed in the Session which can be seen when the user navigates to another page (e.g. by clicking on a link), as the new page is rendered using the newly-selected locale.

So, how can I force the current page to be re-rendered?

Implementation of my locale selector is as follows:

Markup: <select wicket:id="localeSelection"></select>
Component code:
public class LocaleDropDown extends DropDownChoice<Locale> {
    public LocaleDropDown(final String id, final List<Locale> choices) {
    // ...
        setModel(new IModel<Locale>() {
            public Locale getObject() {
                return getSession().getLocale();
            public void setObject(Locale locale) {
// need something here to tell wicket to refresh the entire page?
    // ...

    protected boolean wantOnSelectionChangedNotifications() {
// post an event when user changes the selected value in the drop-down box
        return true;

-- Kind regards, Alex

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