> See also Wicket API Doc of Form: (
> http://wicket.apache.org/apidocs/1.4/org/apache/wicket/markup/html/form/Form.html
> Wicket API Doc )
> "/If you want you can call validate() to execute form validation, hasError()
> to find out whether validate() resulted in validation errors, and
> updateFormComponentModels() to update the models of nested form
> components./"

> the first two are working perfect, but not the programmatic way.

this already well-known form procedure would work if you were
submitting the form with a component implementing the
IFormSubmittingComponent interface.

> Nevertheless I found a solution for my problem. I'm using a SubmitLink in my
> LinkTree component.
> For that I had to override the newLink() method of LinkTree.

by default BaseTree.newLink is providing Link or AjaxLink, which
doesn't implement IFormSubmittingComponent, required for a component
that is able to submit a form. so, as guessed before, you were not
submitting the form each time you were clicking on each tree node.
now, using SubmitLink, it works, as it implements the mentioned
interface. got it?

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