We are developing an application with forms and currently using wicket

There are primarily  two issues that we are struggeling with when upgrading
to wicket 1.5.2.

Let's say we open Page A in two tabs, first Tab1 and then Tab2. If we fill
the form in Tab1 and submit it will be valid data, but they are not stored
on our models.
However, if we fill in form in Tab2 they are stored since this tab has a
higher version number than Tab1.

More or less the same issue exists when using back-button. Open PageA, fill
in the form and submit. Use back-button and change values and submit. The
new values are not stored on the models. In our case it would have been
better if the version number increased when using the back-button.

Is it supposed to work in 1.5.2, and are there some special settings one
must be aware of?


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