Sorry to come back to this old issue, but we are struggling with it too and
unfortunately the solutions mentioned do not seem to work for us. Our app
already specified the doctype for html 4, and I also tried the html 5
doctype after reading your mails, but to no avail.

Our page is being rendered in standards mode ok, but when the ajax response
is received IE suddenly decides to switch to quirks mode. It spits out the
following message to the console: *HTML1113*: *Document mode restart from
IE9 Standards to Quirks*. I have no clue why it decides to do this nor how
I can prevent it. Anyone able to shed some light onto this?

This is more then annoying, because it means that our app becomes
completely useless on IE9.

Kind regards,

Unfortunately our app already had the html 4 doctype declaration and was
already being rendered in

On 6 May 2011 12:42, Wayne W <> wrote:

> Hi,
> We have a form that you can make comments in against something. This
> is submitted normally via a AjaxSubmitLink, however if you attach a
> file to the form then then form is submitted in a normal non-ajax
> request.
> The problem I'm seeing is if a form is marked as multipart/form-data
> then is submited via ajax IE9 fails with :
> Wicket.Ajax.Call.failure: Error while parsing response: Could not find
> root <ajax-response>
> IE8 and 7 work fine. Doing some debugging in IE9 versus FF I see that
> in handleMultipartComplete() that the envelope is of type
> DispHTMLDocument instead of XMLDocument
> I'm now trying to work around the problem by removing the enctype
> attribute if doing an ajax request.
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