> I'm not sure what exactly you tried but here is how I'd approach it:
> - create a Wicket component that purpose is to render just the HTML
> needed by the ExtJS component
> e.g. <div id="someId"></div>
> for this simple HTML snipper you can just use WebMarkupContainer, but
> for something more complex you'll need your own Panel
> - create a Behavior that should contribute the JS code
> this will load the js template, populate it with some options, connect
> it to "someId" and finally just contribute it to the response with
> #renderHead()

That's not too far from what I did.  But as you get into it, all kinds
of little problems arise.  For example, Ext wants it's form in place
instead of the basic HTML form, Ext controls often want to tie into a
separate data source, making the JS controls breaks alot of Wicket's
behaviors which are geared towards markup, and so on.  The devil is in
the details.  As i said, each individual hurdle that presented itself
I was able to overcome, but as time went on, I began to feel like I
had a package full or workarounds.

>> I would really love it if a more experienced Wicket developer took a
>> serious crack at creating a Wicket extension that worked with rich
>> internet controls.  I get the feeling that my effort failed as much
>> because I didn't have deep Wicket knowledge as anything else.
> There are several: wiquery, jqwicket, jwicket, wicketstuff-dojo,
> wicketstuff-yui, ...

I saw WiQuery and JQWicket...but didn't really seem to me to be geared
towards a full integration as much as a collection of random stuff for
specific web use cases.  I wasn't familiar with the others.  I'll go
look at those.

> I guess these use different approach to integrate Wicket with the JS
> widgets. Pick the one that you like the most and make it better.

Perhaps once I am more deeply familiar with Wicket I would be
confident enough to try to extend something for public consumption,
but I don't really feel experienced enough to do things Wicket's way.
And Wicket seems like one of those frameworks that really wants you to
know the "right way".  I probably shouldn't have attempted this until
I'd had a few years of development time in Wicket first.  But since
Ext is basically a component hierarchy and Wicket is basically a
component hierarchy, it SEEMED like a perfect fit.  And to some extent
i still believe it could be...in the hands of a more experienced
Wicket developer.

> There are talks about making official integration of Wicket with
> JQuery UI, i.e. maintained by Wicket core developers but so far there
> is nothing done on it.

I read some of those threads.  I think this would be an excellent
idea.  Accessibility is a BIG deal for my contract (US Govt), and many
jQuery widgets aren't ARIA enabled, so I would gently prod those
thinking about it to keep an eye on accessibility if they decided to
do this.  Try to pick jQuery components that support ARIA.

I think the world is going this way.  Users expectations of browser
interfaces are increasing quickly.  If Wicket were to come to market
with it's strong object-orientation (the selling feature that
attracted my contract), and more rich client features built in (like
the various GWT frameworks, but not using that javascript generating
methodology), I think it would capture a space most other web
frameworks aren't as well positioned to exploit.

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