Hi, I have recently run into a strange issue with the ModalWindow. The
ModalWindow contains a page set with the method setPageCreator. And from the
wicket debug window, 
I see the following lines when constructing the modal window:

And with a bit of debugging using firebug, I see that the scripts in
header-contribution tag are added to the header, the script in evaluate tag
is also added to the page. however, the component tag

is never added to the document. And later on when I click the default close
button of the modal window, I see the following in the debug window: 
INFO: Ajax GET stopped because of precondition check,
And with the help of firebug, I see that in this part of the script :
settings.onCloseButton = function() { var
{ }.bind(this),function() { }.bind(this), function() {return
Wicket.$('id18') != null;}.bind(this));return !wcall;
the precondition check (Wicket.$('id18') != null) failed because the
component was never added to the DOM. 

I am wondering if anyone know anything about it. Am I missing some settings
when creating the page in modal window?

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