Hi folks,

Trying to set up apache2/wicket combo. Wondering if instructions at https://cwiki.apache.org/WICKET/wicket-behind-a-front-end-proxy.html#Wicketbehindafront-endproxy-HowtofixWicketgeneratedlinks are still valid for wicket 1.5. If not does anyone has pointer to new setup of documents?

What I want to achieve is something as follows:

QA server running apache2 has two tomcat AJP connectors coming from two different server - say test and staging. Want to setup apache2 so that if you go to http://qa/test, results are served using test ajp connector. This works - almost. When wicket sees I need to sign-in or other wicket generated urls, they don't have my apache2 context.

I thought fixed above mentioned was solution but that does not seem to be working. May be I am doing something bad.

Any help is appreciated.



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