SO it seems that errors I got was because of my bad testing.

I created simple test in new project and it now works.

 the only problem is that
1. wicket tester process request twice after startPage - the first
time the page is rendered and cookies are saved into AddCookieAction.
then request is processed second time and this time all actions are
invoked and cookie is finally added to second response. Is this
because wicket is always redirecting browser with "render" request??
2. after request is fully processed the original request and response
are saved as lastRequest and lastResonse (llok at
recordRequestResponse in WicketBaseTester). cookies are in
3. the thing which is not intuitive is the fact that after one request
is fully processed the new request (and response) is created but
cookies from last response are not rewritten to it. cookies will be
added when new request will be processed by tester on next startPage.

I think that's it, hope I got this right this time ;] and it may help someone

Paweł Kamiński


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