Dear forum,
I am using wicket-fullCalendar and I am quite happy with it.
I have 2 questions, though.
1) The default month view shows 6 weeks instead or the customary 5. 
Is there a way to change the default month view so that it only displays 5
weeks or as many weeks as one wishes?

2)The default month view shows the entire current month, starting with the
first day of the month on the first row.  
Is there a way to make the month view display the current week as the start
of the month plus the next 3 or 4 weeks ahead?

Today, for example, being the last day of the month, it shows all of
December and only one row of January, if I want to see upcoming events, it's
not quite ideal to have the last week of December in the penultimate row.

I hope some wicket-fullCalendar user out there can shed some light on this.
Thanks in advance and happy New Year everyone!

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