:) A patch will be nice, but ... I think this has to do with my modal
window using page instead of panel. Could it be?

The window clears up the "shown" flag correctly if I press in the "x"
for the modal window, because the CloseButtonBehavior gets called, but
then the Ajax Target being used is in the context of the parent page.
The "x" icon sits outside the window.

My close/cancel button is calling window.close() directly, but that is
being executed inside the context of the modal page. The "shown" flag
is set up to false by window.close(), but it stays as true in the
context of the parent page. This prevents the page from being opened a
second time. Maybe something similar to how you cannot pass pages
directly to a modal, but instead should pass a page reference.
If I provide a dummy WindowClosedCallback, then the flag gets clear in
the context of the parent page.

I don't know if what I am saying is clear or correct, but I don't
exactly know where to start to fix this :(


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