It is intended.
IModel#detach() is called only if this model is assigned to a component.
Since no one calls #detach() on the StringResourceModel it has no idea
when to call detach() on its inner model.
You need to call SRM.detach() in #onDetach() in the component where it
is used. Then it will detach its inner model too.

On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Einar Bjerve <einar.bje...@visma.no> wrote:
> If a StringResourceModel contains a model for property substitutions, and 
> there has not been assigned a component it is relative to on construction 
> time, it will not detach the property substitution model.
> If there is assigned a component on construction time, the property 
> substitution model is detached with the StringResourceModel.
> This behavior seems kind of inconsistent to me. Is this intended and correct?
> Best regards
> Einar Bjerve

Martin Grigorov
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