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> We're running a wicket app on jetty and having an issue with signout. The
> app
> runs on port 8443 and we have iptables redirecting from port 443.  This
> lets
> us go to https://ourap.lab without port numbers and without having the web
> app run as root.
> Everything is great until we do signout.  We have a LogoutPage that does
> this:
>   AuthenticatedWebSession.get().signOut();
>   setResponsePage(HomePage.class);
> Works fine, we get sent to the Login page.  Only problem is that the url
> has
> the :8443 port number in it.  For some reason, this is the end of the world
> for our users.
> Any ideas?  Thanks

Maybe a combination of these two things:

First, do the iptables packet redirection [1] - sounds like you have this
Then, tell Wicket what port to send redirects to [2] - sounds like this may
fix your problem.

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Jetty/Howto/Port80#Using_iptables

Jeremy Thomerson
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