Well, StringResourceModel#detach() is called, but since the SRM isn't attached, 
StringResourceModel#onDetach() is never called and the result is that the 
property substitution model isn't detached. I'll demonstrate with a bit of code:

IModel substitutionModel1 = ...;
IModel substitutionModel2 = ...;

add( new Label( "id1", new StringResourceModel( "resourceKey1", getPage(), 
substitutionModel1) ) ); // substitutionModel1 detaches properly
add( new Label( "id2", new StringResourceModel( "resourceKey2", 
substitutionModel2) ) ); // substitutionModel2 never detaches

In the above snippet, substitutionModel1 will be detached, but 
substitutionModel2 will not be detached when its label is detached. In 1.4.x 
both substitutionmodels would be detached

The reason this happens is that StringResourceModel is wrapped on assignment in 
a StringResourceModel.AssignmentWrapper. This assignmentwrapper never calls 
StringResourceModel#getObject() if the component constructor argument is null. 
In 1.4 StringResourceModel#getObject() would always be called (which means 
load() is called, and the enclosing SRM is attached).

The result is that the AssignmentWrapper is attached, but the enclosing 
StringResourceModel isn't. When StringResourceModel.AssignmentWrapper#detach() 
attempts to calls StringResourceModel#detach() the if(!attached) test (in 
StringResourceModel #detach()) returns false, which results in that 
StringResourceModel#onDetach() is never called.

Since detaching of property substitution models and detachable parameters is 
done in StringResourceModel#onDetach(), these objects won't be detached.

I believe this is a bug, as it was changed between 1.4 and 1.5. In 1.4 it was 
consistent, in 1.5 it isn't.

Best regards
Einar Bjerve

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Emne: Re: StringResourceModels doesn't seem to detach properly


It is intended.
IModel#detach() is called only if this model is assigned to a component.
Since no one calls #detach() on the StringResourceModel it has no idea
when to call detach() on its inner model.
You need to call SRM.detach() in #onDetach() in the component where it
is used. Then it will detach its inner model too.

On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Einar Bjerve <einar.bje...@visma.no> wrote:
> If a StringResourceModel contains a model for property substitutions, and 
> there has not been assigned a component it is relative to on construction 
> time, it will not detach the property substitution model.
> If there is assigned a component on construction time, the property 
> substitution model is detached with the StringResourceModel.
> This behavior seems kind of inconsistent to me. Is this intended and correct?
> Best regards
> Einar Bjerve

Martin Grigorov
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