CheckGroupSelector is very useful to select all/none, but I found there is
one condition that the behavior of CheckGroupSelector becomes strange. I'm
not sure whether it's a bug or not.

When the CheckGroup contains more than two check items, it's fine for any
But when it contains only one check item, CheckGroupSelector becomes checked
status on initial and the one check item is unchecked. I mean,if the
CheckGroupSelector is checked, all of the related check items should be all
checked as well.(only one check item or more)
No matter how many times I press the CheckGroupSelector, it seems
malfunctioned to affect the check item, unless I put two or more check items
on the list.

I have tried org.apache.wicket.examples.compref.CheckGroupPage(in wicket
example) and modify the ComponentReferenceApplication.getPersons() to only
one person. It's the same behavior as what I mentioned above.

The version of my wicket is 1.5.3.

Does anyone has comments for this situation?Thanks.


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