Hi list,

I've created a reusable form component for editing an address, called 
AddressPanel. It inherits from FormComponent and consists of multiple text 
fields for inputting data, instances of the component get added to a Form 

How do I use this component together with a CompoundPropertyModel? I'm using 
the following code to add the component to the form:

Form<HomePage> form = new Form<HomePage>("form", new 
CompoundPropertyModel<HomePage>(this)); // HomePage has an instance of Person 
called person
form.add(new TextField<String>("person.firstname"));
form.add(new AddressPanel("person.address"));

However this gives the following exception: "Last cause: No get method defined 
for class: class foo.HomePage expression: street."

"street" is a text field that is added to the AddressPanel. Is it possible to 
have the "street" field bound to person.address.street without renaming the 
text field inside AddressPanel? I don't want to rename it since this way I 
can't reuse the component for other entities that have addresses.

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