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Some while ago I posted a few messages to this list where I asked for help in finding a problem with Wicket 1.5. I was not able to find the bug back then. Now I downloaded the bleeding edge version 1.5.4 and tried again. And now I am a step further.

I have that rendering engine where I take an XML file, build an object tree from that and have a renderer rendering a Wicket object tree and finally Wicket which renders the HTML UI from that.

Now I noticed with version 1.5 of Wicket, that this line in the org.apache.wicket.Page.class are the key to my problem (lines 611, 612):

// If not an auto component ...
if (!component.isAuto() && component.isVisibleInHierarchy())

I noticed that many of my components I add in my renderer on the fly are returning isAuto = false on that line (and of course they are visible, which adds them to unrenderedComponents and ultimately provokes the error).

I then added this.setAuto(true); in one of my components. And voila, it was not in the list of components which failed to render.

So here are my questions:

- What did change from version 1.4.x to version 1.5.x that results in this error?
- Is that a bug in Wicket or do I need to fix my renderer somehow?
- What side effects does it have if I just add a setAuto(true) to all of my components?

Thanks for your help!


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