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I just had a quick glance at the Component and MarkupContainer classes and if I am not mistaken you should be able to override onRender() and onComponentTag() which would give you a few more measuring points and maybe more pointers on where to look further.

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Am 16.02.2012 19:50, schrieb Jürgen Lind:
Hi there,

I am currently encountering a problem that I don't know how to attack... We have developed an application that uses the Tree-Component to show hierarchical data to the user. In some cases, the tree degenerates to a plain list that can be quite large. Now, if the list has around 1000 entries, the rendering phase for the tree takes approx. 1 second, which seems to be ok. For 2500 entries, the rendering time goes up to around 11 seconds and with 5000 entries, we're looking at approx. 30

Now, I would like to find out, which part of the component tree causes these huge numbers, but I have run out of ideas on how to track down these numbers. The last point I was able to measure was between onBeforeRender and onAfterRender of my
subclassed LabelTree component.

Any suggestions on how to instrument my application without building a custom wicket

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