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> Could someone explain the meaning of the string argument to
> Session.setStyle()? Unfortunately, the javadocs give no clue, other saying
> that a "skin" can be used. Is the string the name of a stylesheet file, or
> something else?
> Note to Wicket team: The Wicket Javadocs are woefully inadequate. Time
> invested in fleshing them out would be well spent & would prevent a lot of
> questions like this.

Patches welcome.

Of course, Javadocs can always be improved, but your statement that they
will "prevent a lot of questions like this" isn't necessarily true.  I've
been on lots of mailing lists over the years and it doesn't matter how good
the javadocs are, there are still questions.   Most people don't look at
the javadocs.

Did you actually read the entire javadoc?  The setStyle javadocs give you a
link to the Session (class) javadocs.  These docs explain what style is and
then give a long list of exactly how all the resources are loaded -
including the style parameter and how it effects resource names.  If you
see something that can be improved there, please by all means submit a
patch or even an email that says "please add such-and-such".

Jeremy Thomerson
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