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2012/2/19 Jeremy Thomerson <>:
> On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 8:21 AM, Richard W. Adams <> wrote:
>> Could someone explain the meaning of the string argument to
>> Session.setStyle()? Unfortunately, the javadocs give no clue, other saying
>> that a "skin" can be used. Is the string the name of a stylesheet file, or
>> something else?
>> Note to Wicket team: The Wicket Javadocs are woefully inadequate. Time
>> invested in fleshing them out would be well spent & would prevent a lot of
>> questions like this.
> Patches welcome.
> Of course, Javadocs can always be improved, but your statement that they
> will "prevent a lot of questions like this" isn't necessarily true.  I've
> been on lots of mailing lists over the years and it doesn't matter how good
> the javadocs are, there are still questions.   Most people don't look at
> the javadocs.
> Did you actually read the entire javadoc?  The setStyle javadocs give you a
> link to the Session (class) javadocs.  These docs explain what style is and
> then give a long list of exactly how all the resources are loaded -
> including the style parameter and how it effects resource names.  If you
> see something that can be improved there, please by all means submit a
> patch or even an email that says "please add such-and-such".
> --
> Jeremy Thomerson
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