Hi all,

thought I'd share a really simple hack that we're using to reduce the Wicket
session size (on Wicket 1.4). 

Background: We deploy to Google App Engine, and there's a strict 1MB limit.
We've been using LDMs and all sorts of optimisations, but we were still
reaching the limits when a user viewed long lists, or used many tabs, and as
a result pages often got evicted while still needed, resulting in ugly "page
expired" errors.

Turns out, you can zip the session's attributes "on the way out", e.g. on
the fly, with minimal latency introduced. In over a year of squeezing bytes
out of the object graph, this had never occurred to me. But now it's kind of
obvious, and really easy to code as well... Check out our blog if you ever
had this problem.



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