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> Hi!
> Any experiences how to optimize the performance of a Page that
> contains nested ListView:s with a total page serialized size of over
> 10 MB?
> I have made all actual data objects non-serializable and available via
> loadabledetachablemodel, but page Serialization seems to kill the
> performance in ajax requests where I might be modifying just a single
> cell in the maze.
> I tried callinc removeAll at onDetach... it improved performance but
> ofcourse event listeners don't work anymore ;) I could write custom
> event listeners as workaround, though, which would know to call
> onPopulate() before triggering an event.
> Any experiences of similar situation?

I think the best optimisation for this kind of thing is probably to try to
reduce the component count as much as possible by implementing custom
components that render directly to html.

For example the CheckBoxMultipleChoice component can be implemented using a
container and a CheckBox + Label component for every option, whereas the
CheckBoxMultipleChoice is a single component that generates the html for
the entire thing. You can probably find some parts of your component tree
you can optimise this way.


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