public IResourceStream getMarkupResourceStream(MarkupContainer
container, Class<?> containerClass) {

seems quite feasible for making conditional markup.

However, I must override
MarkupContainer.getAssociatedMarkupStream(enforceReload=true) and
IMarkupCacheKeyProvider.getCacheKey(==null) to get a different markup
for each component.


2012/2/25 Martin Makundi <>:
> @Per about 
> You say "If condition A is met, show label A. If not, use
> setVisible(false) to hide it. Combine that with Enclosures... Trouble
> is, while the hidden component doesn't show up in the markup, it's
> still part of the component tree! "
> I remember sometimes when using enclosures, I have rendered a page
> which has not added some components inside an enclosure. Maybe there
> could be a way to mark a region in the markup (like enclosure) where a
> component can be optionally added.
> This way "setVisible=false" could be achieved simply by not adding
> that component.
> **
> Martin

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