Thanks for your hints, Martin!
Now I found the solution.
Two changes I had to do:

The difference now is, that the parent component passed to the fragment must
be the exact parent.
I used the same fragments for display and edit mode.
I passed the page as parentComponent to fragment.
/new Fragment(id, markupId, parentComponent);/

But in edit mode there was also a form component in the page.
So in Wicket 1.5 I have to pass the form as parentComponent to the fragment
In Wicket 1.4 it worked also with the page as parentComponent!

*2)* second change is in the markup:
In Wicket 1.4 I did:
/<div wicket:id="contentFragment1" />
<wicket:fragment wicket:id="orderFragment1">/

In Wicket 1.5 it's now:
/<wicket:container wicket:id="containerFragment1"></wicket:container>
<wicket:fragment wicket:id="orderFragment1">/


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