Sounds like you have a redirect somewhere.
Do you have any components on the page which at some point in time call setResponsePage or an equivalent?


Op 21-3-2012 12:49, schreef Pierre Goupil:
Good afternoon,

I have a couple of ModalWindow s in my code that respond to closing using
an AjaxButton and its AjaxRequestTarget. My problem is that, in 1.5, after
the page displays its components added to the target, the page refreshes
itself. Which I don't want, indeed.

The problem is weird since the same code used to work in 1.4 without any
such side-effects.

Details: Wicket 1.5.5, Firefox 11, Opera (?), Debian Linux 6, Tomcat 7.0.22.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Pierre Goupil

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