On Thu, Mar 22, 2012, at 15:46, Igor Vaynberg wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 3:39 PM, heikki <tropic...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > What's the point in refreshing if it returns exactly the same page as
> > before ?
> it allows components such as datatables and others that pull data from
> the database to refresh, while preserving other things.
> think of it this way:
> i have a page with two tabs. the first tab shows a table of data, and
> the second tab shows the graph of data.
> i load the page through a bookmarkable page and switch to the second
> tab to look at the graph.
> ten minutes later i want to refresh the graph, so i refresh the page.
> but now, instead of looking at the graph i am looking at the table
> again because in the new instance of the page the first tab is
> selected.
> what if it takes me three or four clicks to get to the graph? it is
> very frustrating to lose your navigation just because you refreshed
> another example is a log viewer. suppose i have a form on the top that
> lets me select a way to filter log entries such as thread name and
> severity. i say i want to look at warnings and up from the worker 15
> thread. the table below filters the log. ten minutes later i want to
> see new log entries, so i refresh. but because a new page instance is
> created i have to reselect the severity and thread name.

Ok, and now split the above use cases over two sessions. Load the page,
turn to the required tabs, filter log entries like you want etc. Then
bookmark, and the next day at some point open the page from the
bookmark, expecting not having the described frustrations. But you will
have exactly the frustrations described above, and more: the page
instance you will be looking at depends on what you did in your current
session at some point, as the bookmark possibly refers to an old page
id. To a user this is completely random.

Hence we use the NoVersionMount, and model the UI changes you described
either via page parameters, in server side user-preferences, or in the
client side (web browser) state. Solving both what you describe above
and making it possible to bookmark that between sessions. 

Again: it's not for every app. It's nice that wicket can keep such state
automatically for you. But doing that has drawbacks as well, listed by
some in this thread. It would be nice to have NoVersionMount like 
functionality more easily available. Unless of course it's broken, but
so far it doesn't seem to be.

And now I go for a beer, and will forget this thread for at least a very
long sunny spring weekend.

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