Hi Andre,

No, we have been using the tracking code for years with wicket (1.3, 1.4 and 1.5) with 0 issues.

I'm certain your Page expired error is caused by something else.

From your description it sounds like your "search results" page is stateful, but no longer available when you perform a new search. That can happen for a variety of reasons. What usually happens to narrow the problem down is to strip the page as far as possible, and see if it works. Incrementally add components until it breaks again and you will have found the culprit.

Another possibility is that you have non-standard settings for wicket session (page) management. But my guess is that this is not the case.

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Op 6-4-2012 19:25, schreef Andre Schütz:

did nobody have the same problem with the new Google Analytics code?

I added the code directly into the .html file of my WebPage class.


On Thu, 5 Apr 2012 14:54:50 +0200
Andre Schütz<wic...@faustas.de>  wrote:


we added the actual Google Analytics Tracking Code into our
Wicket application. The code is rendered on every single
page directly before the closing</head>  tag.

Our problem is the following:
Page 1 with search box ->  search for something
Page 2 is a search site where the search request is done
Page 3 is the result page, where the search result is presented

We do:
Page 1 ->  search for something
Page 2 appears and shows search progress
Page 3 appears and displays the results
Page 3 has a search box and we start another search
-->  Page expired error

Any ideas why this happens and how we can stop that?


Andre Schütz<wic...@faustas.de>

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