I have a page where I show a javascript widget.  Based on events in
said widget, I may fire one of five different ajax events.  On some of
them, I am required to show a modal window with a form in it.  I am
using, based on advice found while googling, AbstractAjaxBehavior to
handle the ajax events, which is working swell for the non-modal
window events.  But ModalWindow (the wicket extension) wants an
AjaxRequestTarget passed to the show() method.  Unlike the example
which uses a link to trigger the modal window, AbstractAjaxBehavior
does not pass an AjaxRequestTarget for me to pass along to the show()

I tried to pass along the request from the RequestCycle, but that got
me the following ClassCastException:
incompatible with org.apache.wicket.ajax.AjaxRequestTarget

Brian Mulholland

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