I am looking for ideas on how to implement a context-aware 
This means that I need a way to decided whether a certain self-written 
component can
be instantiated in a particular context or not. For example, the "filter" 
may be show to a user with a certain permission when looking at ListPanel1, but 
when looking at ListPanel2.

In previous Wicket applications, a have use my own annotation-based scheme that 
very well, but I cannot use it for this application since the permission 
granularity is
much more fine-grained and context sensitive.

Is there any good way of doing this? I already tried looking at the component 
path, but
that does not give me the information I need since it only covers the ids of the
components i.e. using the above "filter" component in a setting where 
ListPanel1 and
ListPanel2 are switched via Ajax calls, I get the same component path...

Thanks for any ideas,


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