I notices a strange behavior after upgrading to Wicket 1.5. Nested forms
are submitted in a different order.

I have structures like this:

- Compound Form
> -- Subform 1
> -- Subform 2
> -- Subform 3
> - Submit Link/Button for Compound Form

In Wicket 1.4 the order of calls to onSubmit was like this:

1. Subforms
2. Compound Form
3. Submit Link/Button

In multiple locations I had logic in the subforms' onSubmit handlers that
do cleanup, re-attaching of models to entities etc. before my links submit
handler is called and persists my model object.

In Wicket 1.5 the submit link's handler that I use for my main logic is
actually called before the subforms:

1. Submit Link
2. Subforms
3. Compound Form

I can fix this by moving all my compound form logic from the link/buttons
onSubmit handler to the compound form's handler, but wanted to check first
if this behavior is intentional?
Is this the way to do it in Wicket 1.5?



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