The Wicket team is proud to announce the second beta release of
the Wicket 6.x series. This release brings over many
improvements over the 1.5.x series.

There are no more planned API breaks but if you find something
that can be made better now it the time to discuss it! We will
try to avoid making any API changes in the Release Candidates
that will follow this beta release.

Any feedback about the new features, their implementation and
their documentation is very welcome!

New and Noteworthy

Wicket Atmosphere

The Beta 2 contains a new experimental module Wicket Atmosphere,
which brings serverside push to Wicket and provides a great way
to render serverside markup and send it to the browsers of your
users. Check out the atmosphere example in our Examples project
to see it in action.

In your application’s init method you need to register the
push event bus:

    new EventBus(this);

Somewhere where you want to push your changes to the client,
you need to publish your event to the push EventBus:


And finally you need to subscribe your page (or component) to
the EventBus’s events with @Subscribe, taking in the typed
parameter you post to the EventBus (in this case a String):

    public void receiveMessage(AjaxRequestTarget target, String message) {

To be able to use Wicket Atmosphere you need to include the
following dependency:


Please note that this is still experimental.

This release

 * Check the roadmap  with a list of the major

 * And the migration guide with all major and some minor changes
   between 1.5.x and 6.x series:

 * The Jira changelog of all closed ticket at

To use it in Maven:


If you don’t use a dependencies management build tool then you
can download the full distribution (including source).

Have fun,

The Wicket team!

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