the company i work for ( ) is growing and we are looking
for a few good devs.

about our approach:

* we are a distributed company with employees based predominantly in
the usa, there are 27 of us now
* everyone telecommutes either from home or a coworking space of your
choice (paid for by the company)
* we use a variation of agile methodology (daily scrums, iterations,
peer code reviews, etc)

tech stack:

* wicket
* jpa/hibernate/querydsl
* cdi/weld
* resteasy
* jquery / jquery mobile

what we want from you:

* first and foremost you are smart and you know how to apply those
smarts to writing code
* you work on PST/EST +- 2 hours
* you have a decent internet connection capable of skype (we can help
you get one)
* you understand (not just know) java and oop
* you are comfortable in sql, hibernate, and wicket

there is lots more info, including how to apply, available here:


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