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Take a look at 

There is Wicket.WebSocket object which basically wraps native
window.WebSocket just to be able to intercept the calls and send
messages with Wicket.Event's PubSub.

You can use native window.WebSocket as well.

I'm working on a simplification which will create/open a single WS
connection for all WebSocketBehaviors you may have in your page. I
don't see why someone would need more than one websocket connection
per page. This way we/you can create components which use
WebSocketBehavior internally and use the default connection.

For example currently you need to do:
var ws = new Wicket.WebSocket();
ws.send('some text');

with the default connection it may look like:
WebSocketTextLink uses WebSocketBehavior to setup the connection and
to have the callback (#onTextMessage()), and additionally it will
register 'click' event listener for the link to read the text somehow
and send it with : Wicket.WebSocket.send(loadText())
Note that this way you don't care about creating the websocket at all
(new Wicket.WebSocket()). This will be done for you. You will just
need to provide a way to read the text that should be send.

I'll add some documentation about the client side API in the Wiki page soon.

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 3:08 PM, Pierre Goupil <goupilpie...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> Thanks for the WebSocket support in Wicket 6.0, that's very good news to
> hear.
> But I have a couple of questions, though. Firstly, how am I supposed to
> send a message from the client-side? Am I supposed to use the plain-vanilla
> WebSocket API? For instance, would this do the trick:
> ---
> var ws = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:9998/echo");
> ws.onopen = function() {
>      ws.send("Message to send");
> }
> --
>  ?
> Or is there any other (more Wicket-way) of providing the server with a
> message?
> Secondly, how am I supposed to get the URL to provide to the client-side?
> Is there a #renderHead() method which could give it to me, like for the
> DefaultAjaxBehavior? I'm sorry I can't test it for the moment, so I'm just
> asking here.
> OK, thanks in advance guys!
> Regards,
> Pierre Goupil
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