Is there a good way to discover my serialised or about-to-be-serialised
session size without adding the debug bar to my page?

I currently use

  protected void onAfterRender()

    CloudSession ssnSession = (CloudSession)getSession();
    long loSize = ssnSession.getSizeInBytes();
    m_logger.log(Level.FINE, String.format("Session size = %,dB.", loSize));

in my WebPage subclass, but I suspect that this is the wrong place to
examine the session size.

My software environment is:

    Web framework: Wicket 1.5.7
    Web server system: Google App Engine for Java version 1.7.0
    Java: 1.6.0_33; Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM 20.8-b03
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition version 2002 SP3
(version 5.1 running on x86; Cp1252; en_GB)

Ian Marshall

Walter Rugora wrote
> Thanks Jeremy, works great!!!
> On 23/06/12 23:23, Jeremy Thomerson wrote:
>> On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 11:28 PM, Walter Rugora <mist@> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> when I apply the Wicket 1.3 way to determine session size,
>>> RequestCycle.get().getSession().getSizeInBytes()
>>> it results in an around 3000bytes value in my case. And adding or
>>> removing Labels changed the session size.
>>> Now with Wicket 1.5 using
>>> Session.get().getSizeInBytes()
>>> session size is 857bytes. And I can add or remove as many Lables as I
>>> wish, that size stays the same. Obviously I use it wrong. Currently I
>>> just add the session size result to a Label added to my single WebPage:
>>> public HomePage(final PageParameters parameters) {
>>>  ...
>>>  add(new Label("ssize",
>>> String.valueOf(Session.get().getSizeInBytes())));
>>>  ...
>>> }
>> Here you're doing it in the constructor.  So, if this is the first page
>> you
>> visit there won't be any (Wicket) stuff in the session yet.
>> Have you tried just adding the debug bar to your page?  Add a dependency
>> to
>> wicket-devutils in your pom.xml and then add(new DebugBar("someID")); to
>> your page (and add it to the markup obviously).
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