I'm currently migrating a project from 1.4 and am encountering a Problem with StringResourcesModel:

I've got one defined as:
new StringResourceModel("details.disabled.${disabled}", this.model)

isDisabled returns a boolean naturally.
In 1.4 this worked as expected and the resource keys details.disabled.true or details.disabled.false were taken.

Unfortunately, there's a default IConverter in place for boolean values since those usually needs to be displayed as "yes" and "no" (or alike in the other languages). In Wicket 1.5, the StringResourceModel now does some heavier processing on the key, thus the boolean value is converted first using the registered converter and then inserted into the resource key; resulting in keys like "details.disabled.yes" or "details.disabled.ja" etc which are even language dependent!

Is there a possibility to revert to the previous behaviour except for overriding the StringResourceModel (and a lot of other classes) and except for removing the global boolean converter? The latter isn't doable as it would be nearly impossible to find out where those booleans are used throughout the pretty huge application....



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