Hello there, mighty developers. 
I'm quite new in Wicket, so beforehand sorry if my question is stupid.
So what i have is a RadioGroup, with some childs. When page loads for the
first time, 
one of child gets selected by default, and everything is fine. But, when i
change selection and 
press submit button ( non-Ajax ), form validates,re-renders and "default"
child instead of selected one gets selection. 
What i'm doing wrong or not doing at all?

here is the example of how childs get populated :

SelectItem[] selectOneRadioItems = new SelectItem[]{};
RadioGroup radioGroup = new RadioGroup("radioGroup", new Model());
ListView<SelectItem> selectOneRadioListItems = new
ListView<SelectItem>("radioGroup", Arrays.asList(selectOneRadioItems)) {
      protected void populateItem(ListItem<SelectItem> item) {
        Label label = new Label("label", new
        SelectItemModel<Serializable> itemModel = new
        Radio<Serializable> radio = new Radio<Serializable>("radio", itemModel,

Any tips will be appreciated. 

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